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Inactive Projects

The following projects are still publicly accessible but they are not actively developed anymore.

Open Source Projects

GEF3D is a framework for 3D graphical editors based on Eclipse GEF. Developed in the context of my Ph.D. thesis, it has become an Eclipse Project meanwhile.
GEF3D Development Blog: Posts about GEF3D, together with Kristian Duske; listed at Planet Eclipse
Mitra2, the successor of the award winning Mitra language, is an operational model-to-model transformation language. Developed in the context of my Ph.D. thesis, it is now an open source project hosted on GitHub. Its syntax is very Java-like, adding special features useful for model transformations, such as OCL-like collections (including iterator expressions), reflective expression, and multi-methods. It comes with a powerful IDE, provided as a set of Eclipse plugins, with features such as static error checking, content-assist, quickfixes, and most of all a graphical debugger. The engine is implemented as an interpreter, in order to enable live-debugging of models opened in your Eclipse IDE. Besides, it provides some special features for semi-automatic transformations, such as persistable trace-models.
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